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basics: amanda
2.age/birthday- 16, december 3rd.
3.location- iowa

4.10 bands- Chevelle, Creed, Nickelback,  Lil Romeo, Linkin Park, Lloyd, Avril Lavigne, baby face, Blink 182, etc!
5.5 movies- A walk to remember, 10 things i hate about you, how high, next friday, and life or something like it.
6.5 books- to kill a mockingbird, i dont know.
7.color- pink, black, baby blue, orange, yellow, etc.

happy meals
8.fav. type of happy meal- the cheeseburger one only ketchup!
9.fav. drink with happy meal- Mr. Pibb!
10.fav. mcdonalds character- birdie!
11.what is the best toy you have ever gotten in your happy meal? the polly pocket thing!
12.when was the last time you got a happy meal? not to long ago!

other junk
13.describe your personality- happy, funny, make people laugh, lots of differnt things.
14.why do you want to be in this community? because mcdonalds rocks!
15.why should we let you join? cuz. i am a nice person and i like to make friends that like mcdonalds! least three pictures that say we should let you in.(1 must have to do with mcdonalds or happy meals)dont have any. ill find some tho we can accept and reject people. okay?
17.golden arches - love to see tho golden arches!
18.promote us in another community and show the link: and i will go around and promote this community to people. and i will promote this in my journal!!

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