My mother's daughter (sixed_heart) wrote in happy_meal_kids,
My mother's daughter

Drive -Thru

2.age/birthday-18-Sept 18th

4.10 bands-Korn, Orgy, A Perfect Circle, AFI, Third Eye BLind, Simple Plan, Cold, Luscious Jackson, Three Days Grace and the Spice Girls
5.5 movies-Grind, The Craft, Fast and the Furious, The New Guy and The Jackal.
6.5 books-Harry POtter 1-3, Blue Moon by Luarel Hamilton, and Green Eggs and Ham

happy meals
8.fav. type of happy meal-cheeseburger
9.fav. drink with happy meal-sprite
10.fav. mcdonalds character-Hamburgular
11.what is the best toy you have ever gotten in your happy meal?-A pil pony
12.when was the last time you got a happy meal?-A week or two agao

other junk
13.describe your personality-spunky and shy
14.why do you want to be in this community? cause happy meals rock the party that rock the body
15.why should we let you join? - because i like promoting stuff least three pictures that say we should let you in.(1 must have to do with mcdonalds or happy meals) I don't understand, i hope that does affect my joining.
17.mickey d's - Golden Arches
18.promote us in another community and show the link: I'm not in any other communities.

If somethings wrong on my application let me know. I really want in.
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